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PII Compliance – Protecting Your Business from Costly Data Breaches: The Importance of Managed Services

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Why Managed IT Services Are Better? 

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Business Class Hosting

Orange County Computer offers a network that is global, reliable, secure, and redundant to provide the most seamless experience possible. We spend a lot of time thinking of new ways of providing cloud services in Orange County to our customers. We always use the latest and greatest technology, software, and hardware.

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Have questions or concerns? Give our Orange County IT Firm a call at (949) 699-6619, we answer our phones! We provide 24/7 support, and 24/7 service monitoring, Orange County Computer has a whole monitoring team, deployment team, and customer service team, all ready to assist you!

Worry free

With the Orange County Computer experts and the Cloud Team at OC Cloud9, you wont have to worry that your services are online, we guarantee 99.99% uptime, we achieve this with technologically advanced servers and network equipment. You don’t even have to worry about Earthquakes!

Why Clients Choose Us Over Other IT Companies in Orange County, CA

  • After Make It Work abruptly closed, we needed to find a trustworthy IT company that was solid, honest, responsive, current on technologies, reasonably priced and business minded. Two of our computer hard drives crashed, and the data was recovered quickly and professionally. From my first call, Orange County Computer has been extremely quick to respond to our needs, and moved us to the Cloud immediately to handle our security and compliance issues. Working with the staff at Orange County Computer has been fantastic for us – I wish we had met them years ago

    Stephanie LawrenceFinacial Strategies
  • Deborah & Staff: I just wanted to say Thank You for the excellent service I received, and I am very happy with the operation of my computer. I will recommend your company to many of my associates & friends. Once again, Thank You. Regards,

  • Handing my computer over to anyone is scary! I'm a screenwriter and a couple of weeks ago, my 5 year old hard drive crashed. I had a week's worth of writing that hadn't been backed up. I was freaking out! I made several calls to repair shops and I just didn't feel comfortable with anyone I spoke to. Plus, they all were going to take 3 or 4 days just to diagnose the problem! I'm on a deadline and I may have already lost a week's work! I immediately felt comfortable with the person I talked to on the phone, so I drove over and left my computer with Alex. He explained that I'd probably need a new hard drive and he could probably save 95% of my data. I got a detailed list of prices on everything (very reasonable) and he didn't talk down to me! By 5pm the next day, I had my computer back – with everything including my writing in tact! AMAZING! And, my computer now runs all the latest updates (without going to Vista) and it runs 10 times faster than before. I can get a few more years out of this computer! Thank you so much. I will recommend you to everyone I know!