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It is imperative to use Genuine Software licensing in today’s climate. Do your computer systems have proper licenses? We understand your business priorities may be changing, so we wanted to offer some helpful information on Microsoft® Windows® desktop licensing. We have found that many organizations may not be aware they have unlicensed Windows desktops within their organization. Not only is it illegal, but is also poses a security risk to users. Only certified genuine software applications can receive important security updates. Counterfeit software is almost guaranteed to come with viruses, spyware and subject users to online scams. Uncertain about your current software licensing? Orange County Computer, Inc. is your local software licensing solution provider. Contact us today with questions.

Answer the following questions to consider whether your Windows desktops are properly licensed.

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Know the facts about Windows Desktop Software Licensing Solutions and the legal implications for non-compliance.

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What Is Software Licensing?

  • Has your organization ever acquired PCs without operating systems preinstalled, and then used its Volume License Agreement to install the initial Windows license on those PCs?
  • If so, these PCs may be mislicensed. The most cost-effective way to acquire Windows on a new PC is preinstalled.

Ineligible Operating System Upgrades

  • Has your organization ever acquired PCs with Windows Vista® Home versions preinstalled, and then used its Volume License Agreement to install Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate versions on those PCs?
  • If so, these PCs may not be licensed properly. Volume License Agreements provide only Windows upgrades, not full licenses.

Counterfeit Software

  • Has your organization downloaded and installed software from online or unknown sources?
  • If so, these PCs may be running non-genuine software. You could be at risk for identity theft, viruses, and other attacks.

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