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Computer Repair Warranty

Computer Hardware Repair Warranty:

Orange County Computer, Inc. offers a 90-day limited warranty on all computer parts. In addition, this warranty includes the labor for the initial repair.

In the event that work completed on a system does not resolve the issue, the cost of the labor performed will be credited towards the next solution to resolve the issue. An Orange County Computer technician will verify and approve all warranties. Furthermore, Orange County Computer does not issue cash refunds.

All warranties are VOID if a customer chooses to have another vendor perform or check the same work on a system repaired at Orange County Computer. As a result, if a system is brought back and our certified tech notices that the repair was tampered with, dropped, damaged or another third party has attempted to fix or repair the system for the same issue, the warranty is VOID.

Virus Removal or Spyware/Ransomware Removal:

This work is warrantied for 90 days. In the event the user installs malicious software applications or visits known websites which can re-infect a computer desktop/laptop, the warranty is Void. A certified technician will verify these findings. Therefore to resolve the virus infection, Orange County Computer will  transfer the initial fees paid for Virus Removal to the next solution.

Exceptions to Warranty:

This warranty does not cover any loss of business, profits, or other consequential damage, real or perceived, that may have resulted from any malfunction of the computer system. Also, it does not cover any hardware or software installed by the user.

In addition, damage from flood, earthquake, power surges/outages or fire/smoke will not covered by warranty. The warranty will be void if a system becomes damaged from improper handling, liquid spills, inadequate ventilation or neglect/abuse. Most noteworthy, Orange County Computer, Inc. reserves the right to determine if any alterations or if other damages will void the terms of the warranty.

Orange County Computer’s computer hardware repair warranty does not cover shipping charges.