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Servers for Small Businesses in Orange County, CA

Orange County Business Servers

Designing Networking Servers For Small Businesses

Designing the right network infrastructure is easier when you work with the right Technology Solutions Provider. At Orange County Computer®, our Network Implementation Team has worked with small to mid-market companies for over 15 years.

Our expert technology professionals specialize in providing Server solutions to our clients such as:

  • Productivity Solution- Stay productive with security-enhanced access to information and resources from virtually any PC with Internet access.
  • Data Storage Solution – Store data in a single, secure location, so employees can always find and share the information they need.
  • Data Management / Security Solution – Safeguard vital company operating data by implementing data storage and data backup solutions.
  • Mobile Solution – Use mobile devices securely to access Contacts, Calendars, and files while out of the office, working from home or on vacation-from just about anywhere, at any time.
Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider
Our Technicians are Microsoft Certified Experts in IT Solutions and Repair.

Dedicated Hosted Servers for Small Businesses

In addition as a Microsoft Silver Mid-Market Solutions Provider, we are experts at Microsoft® Windows® and Small Business Server deployments. By delivering advanced functionality designed specifically for small businesses, this complete, affordable network solution can help you make the most of your IT investment.

Working with Orange County Computer® as your solutions provider will ensure that your network infrastructure is implemented properly. Systems will function properly, so you can focus on what really matters, Business Productivity.

Microsoft Exchange Servers

Mobile devices such as Smart Phones, iPhones and Tablets have become a vital component in daily business operations. Users can receive emails from multiple email accounts quickly and easily with the use of Exchange. This freedom does allow for possible security breaches which is why working with a service provider that has been implementing these types of solutions is critical to ensure the integrity of a network.

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