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Orange County Computer Disaster Recovery Services

Data Recovery Solutions in Orange County

A failed hard drive can cause a sudden halt in all productivity either for you or your company. The result of a failed hard drive is lost revenue, missed project deadlines, and in some cases, a negative impact on the professionalism of your business. Data Protection and disaster prevention is the most critical component to maintaining the success and longevity of your company.

Orange County Computer®, Inc. is an industry leader in providing Disaster Recovery Solutions in Southern California. Our success rate with disaster recovery has saved businesses thousands or dollars either by salvaging existing hardware solutions or simply getting a company back online after a critical failure has occurred.  Our Technical Team can recover data from virtually any type of hard drive failures regardless of the RAID configuration or type of hard drive.  The high incidence of Ransomware infections and other cyber attacks can also be remedied when working with us.

What Is Data Loss and How To Prevent It

Data Loss is one of the primary symptoms that eventually lead to a data disaster. The symptoms of data loss include the following:

  • Files cannot be opened or files have become damaged
  • The system will not start up (sometimes can be followed by the screen message “Missing operating system,” etc.)
  • The system freezes while trying to open files
  • The Directory content is corrupt, documents are corrupted
  • The System makes unusual sounds
  • The Computer cannot “find” or “detect” the hard disk
  • Files cannot be accessed and/or copied
  • CDs (DVDs) cannot be read or copied
  • Memory card is unreadable or seems to be unformatted

We recommend to NOT try to disassemble the hard drive on your own. Do not continue to use your hard drive while it is in a degraded state as it can decrease the life of the drive and make the data recovery process more difficult and expensive.

What Is the Single Most Important Part of Data Recovery?

Immediately turn off your computer or hard drive – DO NOT RESTART. Any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody’s ability to recover. Disconnect the computer or hard drive from the power source. This is especially important in the case of water damage. Stopping all use of the damaged equipment or medium is the single most important step in any data loss scenario.

Attempting to perform data recovery on your own is very dangerous. If you are unsure and unfamiliar with what is happening to your system, do not do anything but until you have consulted in one of our certified professionals.

If your drive is making any unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or metal scraping, turn it off immediately! This condition typically indicates a head crash and major media damage. Hard disks spin at a high rate of speed(similiar to a CD Rom spinning in a player), anywhere from 3200 to 12,000 RPM. Extensive damage can occur in a short period of time if a drive is left running, making the data unrecoverable. In this situation it is best to turn off the system, remove the drive and bring it to our facilities for hard drive repair.

Data Loss Prevention Essentials

If you’ve accidentally deleted files, emptied the Recycle Bin or Trash Can, don’t install any software or save additional files to your drive. Doing so may permanently overwrite the deleted items. If you are in the middle of a project when you discover files are missing, or you believe they have been deleted, save the current project to a usb flash drive or another storage device. Don’t write, install software, or save anything to the drive where the missing files were located.

If you attempted to use commercial utility software and would like to attempt a recovery on your own, you might render your data completely unrecoverable. Our data/disaster recovery software tools are used in Enterprise recovery jobs. We use the most effective recovery tools in the industry.

What You Need To Know About Our Data Loss Prevention Tools

Contact Orange County Computer® for an estimate and turn around time to resolve your data loss or disaster recovery. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. What Operating System you are running: Windows, Mac OS, Novell NetWare, or UNIX. If you are not sure, just tell us the model and make of your computer.
  2. The size of the hard drive or storage device that has failed. If you don’t know we’ll try to help you find out.
  3. Drive Configuration: If the drive is striped, mirrored or in a RAID Configuration, we will need all of the drives for the recovery process.
  4. If you are using any password protection or encryption software. We will need to know what program you are using, the version and the password.
  5. About the current problem, any particular symptoms or steps leading up to the drive failure.

Recovery Completion Process

Rest assured, Orange County Computer® Inc., is one of the leading Disaster/Data Recovery Specialists in the area. We offer Level 1- Level 3 Data Recovery Services and are ready to help. We can recover your data and restore it to whatever form of media or hardware necessary to get you back up and running. Depending on the size and amount of files recovered, they may be placed on an external hard drive, flash drive, DVD/CD or even to another computer. We can also provide you with a replacement hard drive to save you the time and trouble. *Remember to BACKUP often. Don’t take chances with important data!  Disaster Recovery should not be your last resort.

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