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About Us

Orange County Computer, Inc.
26150 Enterprise Way Suite 400, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Founded in 1998 in California, Orange County Computer Inc. offers large scale Technology solutions and consultancy services to companies and organizations in a variety of different fields. Our specialized offerings include: Private Cloud Solutions, Custom Hybrid Cloud design, Hosting and Web services, Data Center development and Infrastructure deployment.

About Us: Our Mission is simple – “We Must Treat Our Customers’ Business As If It Were Ours.” Too many times, we see IT companies recommend solutions that are not appropriate for a specific client’s business. Perhaps they do not understand the client’s operations, perhaps they never determine what the customer’s goals are, perhaps they are simply used to recommending a certain network infrastructure design or perhaps they lack the expertise but don’t want the client to know. Any of these issues can adversely affect employee productivity, the company, and its bottom line.

Orange County Computer has a proven track record that shows we research, design, deploy, and integrate seamless solutions based on our clients’ needs and goals. We do what’s best for YOUR business, not ours.

As your Technology Partner, we understand that when your business grows, ours grows too. The more we can tailor a solution to your requirements, and within your budget, the better we all do. It’s about doing the right thing for you…always. Your business really is our business. This industry is ever changing, depicted by the latest trends in technology, however, our team understands that everyone adopts to change differently. This timing cannot be controlled or set to any deadlines, we get that. Orange County Computer is here to help educate our clients and keep companies secure from cyber attacks, and protect valuable proprietary data while insuring greater business productivity.