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What Can You Expect From Our Web Design Package?

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Companies both large and small depend on our Web Design Team. We provide them with quality websites that reflect both the latest web development technology and ease of navigation. Orange County Computer® is the right web design company in Orange County that not only provides a contemporary web presence but enables potential clients to find your company when browsing on all major mobile devices. The main goals of a company website is to incorporate a unique message and theme carry out through the entire website as well as the corresponding blog. Our Orange County web design firm offers functionally creative sites without the headache that is oftentimes associated with changes/edits.

Orange County Computer® can evaluate the effectiveness of your current website, and help generate an action plan to help your site reach the top of the search engines. Our Web Team can get you started on a Content Management System that will allow you access to your content at all times, thus eliminating web site stagnancy. No more waiting for an outsourced designer to fiddle with pesky codes or hold your site hostage. Do it yourself with a few clicks and hit finish!

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Here are a few reasons to get started:

User Friendly Interface

The idea of being able to manage your own website content doesn’t have to be an “idea” anymore. Our technicians can help implement a simple system that will allow you to manage your own content for webpages and blogs. No more codes, it’s just a simple click of a button to edit and update your content at your own convenience, without having to wait for your web designer for minor changes.

Easy Access

So long as you have an internet connection, you will have the ability to edit your web and blog content! Simply said, even if you’re on a business trip, you will still have access to update your content. Then you will not have to wait to update a hot topic you learned from a conference that you’re attending.

Easier Search Engine Visibility

We’ll show you helpful plug-ins that allows your site to create viewing traction on popular browsers. Which will help you reach the top of your search options. This will also optimizing your visibility and can mean thousands of more viewers looking at your company’s services. Which in turn will lead to more business!

No Limits on Web Content

As your company grows, we will grow along with you, allowing room for thousands of Webpages, Blog Articles, Images and video, without slowing down your Website.

Allow Multiple Users

If your business requires multiple employees to edit your web content, (Bloggers etc.) you will have the ability to create individual personalized accounts, that can have customized levels of access. This function allows you to limit access to advanced features that would be reserved for your IT staff.

Manage and Create Blogs

Blogging has been a great source of free information. It allows you to send a message to your customers without having to waste a stamp. If your company does not utilize blogging because of the lack of know-how, it’s easier than ever. You can also use blogging for internal purposes in your corporate business. You can deliver important updates about major events taking place. Or information that they may need to reference outside of the company.

Stay Close to Your Visitors

With the ability to blog, visitors will be able to comment about articles that you can respond to. This ability allows you to respond instantly to any questions that your followers may have regarding the latest topic.

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