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Professional Managed IT Services in Orange County

An Overview of Our Orange County IT Solutions

Are Managed Services in Orange County Right For My Business?

Managed Services or “Managed Service Providers” are organizations that specialize in providing preventative IT maintenance solutions. Our preventative IT maintenance solutions are for companies that desire to operate at an optimal level of network reliability. The primary goal of Managed Services is to monitor and actively maintain networks, external devices and user desktops/laptops. As a result, this reduces lost work time and optimizes network operations.

Small/Medium Sized Business Solutions

Consumer access to Technology Solutions has changed in recent years. Hence, in order to serve the needs of the market we have developed cost effective options for Outsourced IT Services.

As an example, the typical Managed Service agreement can cost you $1000.00 to $2000.00 per month.

Silver Midmarket Solutions Provider Managed Services
Cloud Services

Save thousands in physical hardware expenses by creating your own Virtual Office. Save time by partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider in Orange County

Network Administration & Management

Dedicated IT Support Staff is crucial to the success of any organization. Consequently, we offer custom support solutions that meet the needs of our clients, not the other way around.

Data Center Solutions

Relocate critical hardware to a secure and redundant environment designed to withstand disaster. Furthermore, keep working when everyone else is at the mercy of an electrical or Internet outage. Your expensive server hardware deserves to be in the proper climate is was originally designed to function in. Work with one of the leading IT Solutions Providers in the area. We can can provide your company with data center monitoring anywhere in the world.

Network Configuration/Installation

Consult with our Technical Team to identify the best network design and workstation solution to allow for maximum productivity and in addition to results.

Software Licensing / Compliance

Insufficient licensing and program hiccups are common issues that can be alleviated while working with the professionals at Orange County Computer®.

Firewall & Security Solutions

Rest Assured that company data and intellectual property is secure by implementing industry proven intrusion prevention protocol and gateway antivirus programs.

Disaster Prevention Solutions

Protect your business from theft and natural disasters by implementing proven solutions that can safeguard your valuable assets.

Emergency Service

Failures and critical data loss can occur day or night. Therefore, our Technicians are just a phone call away and are available any day or night, weekends and holidays. Furthermore, we understand what is means to have a mission critical situation and we are capable of solving issues that would stump most techs.

On-Site & Remote Support

Our Technical Team will travel on-site or work with you remotely to resolve your issues.

Hardware & Software Solutions

Our popular Remote Access Contract version of Managed Services has become increasingly popular in the past several years. These packages start at $250/month for unlimited remote support under a per user network structure.The same IT Support that an on-site staffed technician would perform will continue to occur, such as Backup, Log Files, Operating System & Antivirus updates, etc., for maintenance purposes; but in addition the real key feature is that remote support is unlimited in terms of help desk or “Break-Fix” support at no additional cost. Also, when a technician is dispatched to an onsite location during business hours, the savings will continue with a discounted contractual hourly rate instead of our normal on-site rate. Yet again another benefit to the “Remote Contract”.

As a result, this is how Orange County Computer®, Inc. continues to establish itself as the premier solutions provider for all your Outsourced IT and Network Administration needs at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

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