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What You Can Expect From Our Web Design Services

Orange County Computer, Inc. offer comprehensive IT Solutions which also includes Web Design, Website Hosting Services, Domain Registration and Renewal and SSL Certificates so that you can design a unique company website that markets your business properly to your future clients. There are many questionable companies that will offer these services to you yet not allow you to own your own website. That is simply unacceptable. Our team can help you in purchasing a website domain that aligns best with your company name and expertise. Our team can be involved from A-Z to ensure that the online presence of your business not only represents and markets your craft, but that your website remains secure and safe from cyber predators lurking in the shadows, seeking an opportune time to hijack your intellectual property. We simply won’t stand for that. We can alleviate those hassles by protecting your domain from the beginning. Clients may work with us in whichever capacity you are comfortable with, ranging from partial to complete management of all website hosting and domain management or just simply purchasing the domain name from us. The team at Orange County Computer is happy to help you design and keep your website safe for both you and your customers. Our Website Portfolio is extensive as we work with a wide array of businesses that provide varying services. We have had to step in from time to time to help clients out of a “Hostile Takeover” situation to retrieve websites being held hostage by disgruntled service providers or web designers. We have seen it all over the years. Contact a member of our team today for more information about Web Design, Domain Name Registration and SSL Certificates. Orange County Computer truly is your one stop Technology Solutions Provider and we are ready to assist you with all of your IT needs, big or small.